We give you exactly two options to get your album. That should be enough.





What do we offer?

From the initial design of the content to the final fixing of the sales prices for albums and

packs, you have the complete control of this project.


What will this project cost you?

Either you are looking for a suitable package through our online shop or you send us a short


The profit, resulting from the sale of the albums and packs - plus possible advertising revenue,

remains 100% with you.


A brief overview of the services: 

- Immediate payment or installment

- Free design options
- Free pricing of albums and packs on sale
- Additional income through advertising






What do we offer?

Start your project now, but pay only after 4 months.

As in the package "HÖMMA" you have the possibility to determine the contents and the layout of the album itself.


What do we expect?

The packs are either sold for 2,- EURO via our online shop or via an official sales opportunity

on site.


What will this project cost you?

After the 4 months you pay the following amount: Number of ordered packs x 1.75 EURO (You will

receive 0.25 EUR per pack sold).

But you can search for sponsors or affiliates who are interested in placing an ad in the album or on the packs. These freely negotiable amounts remain 100% with you.
We provide the albums for free. By selling the albums you have an additional source of income.



A brief overview of the services:

- Payment after 4 months

- Free design options

- The packs are sold for 2,- EUR each

- The customer receives 0.25 EUR per pack sold

- Additional income through advertising and through the sale of the albums provided free of

charge by us






Start project:             01.09.2019

Invoice amount due:        01.01.2020 

Number albums:             200

Number sticker per album:  250

Total number sticker:      50.000

Number sticker packs:       5.000


Invoice amount customer (Number of ordered packs x 1,75 EUR):                           8.750 EUR

less revenue from the sale of the albums:                                                -1.000 EUR

less revenue from participation in the sale of the sticker packs:                        -1.250 EUR

Amount after deduction of the calculated revenue:                                         6.500 EUR


Sponsorship income through advertising placements in the album and on the sticker packs: -2.500 EUR

Balance to be covered by the sale of the sticker packs:                                   4.000 EUR